Biography (Portuguese)



Fernando António da Costa Gaspar
born in Lisboa, 27.Set.1963
linving in S. Vicente do Paúl, Santarém
father of João and Hugo


I took PhD in Management, at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, in 2006. Entrepreneurship was my research area.

Seminar on Research Methodology a the Henley Management College (Brunel University) in Henley-On-Thames (England), in January 1994.

Advanced Management Programme at the Graduate School of Business of the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, Grenoble (France), specialising in International Marketing (Prof. Jean-Claude Usunier) in 1993.

Post-Graduate course at the Henley Management College (Brunel University), in England, on Services Marketing (1993-1994).

I took the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) in 21.June.1986, with a "total score" of 660, and a "percentile rank" of  96%.

I did an MBA in the Business Department of the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 1987, with a final score of 16.

I obtained a degree in Economics in the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 1986, with a final score of 15 (scale: 0-20).


- from 1997: I teach Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Escola Superior de Gestão, a part of the Instituto Politécnico de Santarém. 

- from 2008: teaching "Entrepreneurship", "Communication", "Advertising" and "Management Information Systems" at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa.

- 1992 to 1995: I taught "Introduction to Management" to post and under-graduate students at ISEGI, a new department of Faculdade de Economia da UNL specialised in teaching statistics and information management to executives.

I also taught a course on "Industrial Marketing" to post-graduate students at the business department (MBA) of the same university.

- 1988 to 1991: I taught "Marketing" to undergraduate students in ISCTE – Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa.

- 1986 to 1988: I taught "statistics" and "mathematics" in Faculdade de Economia da UNL, another state owned university.

(see a list of publications, following this link)

“A Influência do Capital de Risco e da Incubação de Empresas no Empreendedorismo e na Mortalidade das Jovens Empresas”, PhD thesis from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, at July, 20th 2006.

Founder and associate of AUDAX – Centro de Investigação e Apoio ao Empreendedorismo e Empresas Familiares, an entrepreneurship research center, since 2005.


 Financial Area:

- 1989: Director of the Institutional Clients Department in Interfinança-Sociedade Gestora de Patrimónios, SA an affiliate of Banco Comercial Português. Responsible for fund management and trading in the bonds and money markets.

- 1988  to 1989: Financial Director and member of the board of Cominvest - Sociedade de Gestão e Imobiliário, SA, an investment company specialised in real estate.

- 1987  to 1988: Director in Caixa Económica Açoreana, a small Portuguese bank. Responsible for the startup of an assets management department, an investment company specialised in real estate, called  Cominvest-SGII, SA, a venture  capital company, called  Capital R, I also set up and headed a research department for the bank.


- 1997 to 2001: Partner in the real estate firm Mediadorum – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda, focused on selling properties in the internet.

- 1995 to 2001: CEO at Servqual - Serviços de Consultoria em Qualidade e Marketing, Lda. This company works mainly in the areas of Service Marketing, Financial Planning and negotiations with financial institutions.

- 1992: Team leader in the appraisal of Angola's hotels. This work was made for the government who owned the hotels and was preparing to sell them.

- 1987: Working in the area of strategic planning and MIS for PL-Planeamento de Projectos, a company that did management of construction projects. I was also responsible for the computerisation of the company, namely the planning and control of construction projects.


- 1997 to 2001: CEO at Sintécil, Lda. This is a civil construction company, specialised in surface treatment.

- 1995 to 1996: CEO of Obepor - Sistemas de Informação e Tecnologia de Objectos, SA, a software company based in Lisboa. This company works in the areas of software for telecommunications operators, software for ISO 9000 certification and in research and development of computer tools.

- 1992 to 2001: Non-executive partner in Tecnolis - Fábrica de Plásticos, Lda, a plastics company making bottles for the wine and chemical industries, after setting up the takeover and the turnaround of the firm.

- 1991 to 1992: Financial and Personnel Director in Portugália - Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Aéreos, SA, a Portuguese airline, responsible for the reorganisation of the financial, administrative and personnel department and a project for the computerisation of the ticketing and accounting departments.

- 1989 to 1991: CEO in Sodulax, SA, a paintings company, after setting up the takeover and the turnaround of the firm.